Space Wallpapers III

Why this page? Well, I kinda ran out of room on Space Wallpapers II ... Thus, this page was created.

The images on this page come from the fine folks at either NASA or their affiliated companies/organizations, I just simply touched them up a bit to make them into better wallpapers. Copyright information for these images can be found at the bottom of this page. The thumbnails represent what you can expect from a 16:10 ratio image (most widescreen LCD monitors). Simply click on your desired size (or right-click and save-as, if you prefer) for the full-size image. This page will be continuously updated as NASA keeps coming out with new images in their IOTD gallery; I'll choose the ones that I feel "neatest" and retouch them for further distribution here. I hope you enjoy these images, and feel free to refer your friends!

See an image you like, but it's not in your resolution? Don't see any images in your preferred resolution (eg, laptop widescreen)? Simply send an email to wallpapers at weaselinthebarley dot com with your request and I'll see if I can get around to it.